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UPDATE: I changed some stuff around and moved to this domain. I will be slowly moving stuff over to this domain as I have time.

For the most part really "No Comment" however since there are some small nuggets that I have found around the interweb I decided to collect them here so I can refer back to them and so other people might find them from time to time. If I get really fancy I will even put a Table of Contents up so you can sorta find stuff... otherwise you will just want to use that nice function of your browser Ctrl + F to find stuff. Hope this stuff is helpful to some other admins out there.

Head below at your own risk

Applications and OS Alternitives

Don't want to pay the high fees for some of the apps out there. Check out www.osalt.com

Mikrotik Work

Lost password for Dude Agent

Dude agent installed and you left the password in an unsaved notepad...on the computer that rebooted... Sucks for you..
Then you reinstall the agent however that did not fix it either because you still can not log in with the default admin/blank

Real easy to solve you have one more step to do.
/store remove "dude"

Basically you need to run /store print to determine which "Store" you have to remove. When I did it the name was "dude". You will have to uninstall the dude package. then remove the store. Reboot the mikrotik and you can install the dude agent like it was the first time. Hope that helps.

Disk IO giving you trouble

Is your server running slow?
Check top as any good sysadmin would....

Nothing on the processer but the "%wa" is high...
you might ask what the **** is %wa.
This would be IO wait.

Now comes the interesting process of tracking that down. It use to be hard to nigh on impossible to track down but there are some cool new tools that you should install on your server.
The following two tools are:

iostat which might be part of the sysstat package.
If you use debian you can simply run: apt-get install sysstat
Another that is really nice is iotop

Debian command again: apt-get install iotop
iotop works just like you might expect. It is a great tool that give you top functionallity but for the IO.
If you want to read more I did a quick search and here are some good articles about the above apps.


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